Losing Body-Fat is NOT Your Goal


Fat-loss / having a six pack is NOT your goal.

Even if you think it is, it’s not.  This is true for a lot of goals that people set when they begin an exercise routine.  Think about it. Why is losing body-fat, having a six-pack, running a marathon, or any other fitness goal important to you?

The answer is that having six-pack abs, completing a marathon, deadlifting inhuman amounts of weight or whatever else is a means to getting something else that you truly want.  Recognition for your athletic prowess, confidence in your appearance, being sure of your ability to perform, or living your life free of pain (physical or emotional). 

The above are your real goals. 

Lifting weights, and conditioning are simply a means to a more important end.

What is your end goal and will training take you there or is that a lie that has been marketed to you by fitness magazines?

Next time you look at that cover model with the god-like body ask yourself what his story is (besides photoshop).  Does he look like he is wealthy? Does he have problems with his wife and kids? Does he drive a beater or a new sports car?

The same goes for the ladies.  What does the image of that fit woman communicate to you? 

Ladies and gentlemen, if you think that having six-pack abs or losing some bodyfat will improve your finances or your relationships you will be disappointed when you achieve your goal and find out that you still have problems.  You will simply be a leaner, possibly hungrier version of yourself.

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Exercise can improve a lot of areas in your life but, if you’re chasing fat-loss or six pack abs because they have become synonymous with wealth, sex, and fame. I suggest that you invest your time/money in a book on financial responsibility, spend 10,000 hours becoming great a something, and do some introspection on matters of the heart instead of concerning yourself with diet and exercise as an means to money, fame, and matters of the heart.  

What benefit does training have then if I can’t fix the real problems in my life with a barbell? There are plenty of them here are a couple off the top of my head.

-          Improved health markers like cholesterol, triglycerides, HA1c, Blood Pressure, resting heart rate

-          Easier time with ADLs (activities of daily living)

-          Improved mental health.  Confidence, anti-depressive effects.

-          Reduced risk of injury

These benefits of exercise may not make you wealthier or help with relationships but, they do significantly improve the quality and possibly the quantity of years in your life.  In a world of instant gratification, I encourage you to play the long game my friends and make your health and fitness a virtue.  You may even lose body-fat and achieve that six-pack along the way.          

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