How Your Language Can Impact Your Health & Fitness

My high school English teacher eloquently told me, "words mean things."  You know what? It turns out he was on to something. Your use of language can even impact your health and fitness. 

A perfect example of this can be found when we compare the contractions “can’t” and “don’t.” Picture yourself at your next work function that just so happens to have a food that is not on your nutrition plan.  Will you say, “no thanks, I’ll pass I can’t eat X food.” Or, will you say, “no thanks, I’ll pass, I don’t eat X food.”


Switching one word in that phrase took you out of the driver’s seat and made you a victim to your nutrition plan.  The use of “don’t” communicates to others and yourself that you have consciously decided not to eat a given food.  The ownership is yours.  Your nutrition plan has become a part of you. 

If you “can’t eat carbs” because you are doing that Keto diet, what will you do when it comes time to order dessert at a restaurant with friends? The answer is to resent your nutrition plan. It has not become a part of who you are. Your nutrition plan with one word becomes a force preventing you from doing the things that you want to do.


The best part of switching from “can’t” to “don’t” is that you do not even have to use this language in in conversation.  The switch can be used in self-dialogue with similar effect.  So what are your don’ts? Write them out and make them a part of you. 



Some examples might be:

-          I don’t eat sugar

-          I don’t skip workouts

-          I don’t drink Coke or alcohol

-          I don’t smoke

Luke AtchleyComment