Should You Workout On Vacation?

Life can be crazy.  We juggle work, family and try to get some time in for ourselves.  If you are familiar with Virtue Strength and Conditioning you are aware that one of our pillars is balance. 

Balance in training looks like making sure that you pull as much as you push to keep your shoulders healthy. Balance at home means that you are spending quality time with your family as well as taking time for yourself. 

Balance in your work life means that you go on a vacation every once and a while. Thankfully, going on a vacation is not something that causes a lot of back lash when I suggest it to my students and I rarely have to put together a compelling argument as to why people should take a break from the daily grind of work. 

One of the inevitable questions that I  get asked after encouraging someone to go on vacations is, “should I workout while I am there?”

The answer to this question is, as usual, it depends.  Let’s explore your options. 

OPTION 1 – Don’t.

Really, I’m serious.

You are on vacation to rest, so rest.  Sleep in, don’t wake up to an alarm clock, and avoid any potential blackout fests*.  The point of a vacation is to relax after all.  If it feels like you need a vacation after your vacation, maybe take the foot off the gas pedal a bit next time.


OPTION 2 – Use the fitness that you have built in the gym to experience something really cool on your vacation.

The mission at Virtue is to use fitness and nutrition as tools to increase the quality of your life.  I would feel like a failure as a coach if my students only looked great with no clothing. 

There is nothing wrong with “lookin’ good neked” but, there is also a whole world out there to experience.

Beaches to walk. Mountains to climb and bike. Oceans to surf and paddle.  Snow capped peaks to ski.

These experiences ARE your workouts on vacation. 

If you have six pack abs and can’t breathe after dragging the cooler from the car to the beach, you’re not experiencing all that life has to offer.     





OPTION 3 – workout

IF you must workout, workout.

The only reason for you to workout on vacation is because you want to.  Some individuals love working out (picture them running to the hotel gym and getting pumped when they see the dumbbells go past 25 pounds) and if they truly find joy in the activity of lifting weights then who’s to say they shouldn’t do that with their vacation time.

However, I promise you will not lose your "gainz" if you skip a week of lifting on vacation. Only train because you love it.  If you find that being in the gym on vacation is taking away from your rest and rejuvenation, stop. Breathe. RELAX.

There you have it.  The answer to whether or not you should train on vacation. Experience life on vacation and rest as much as you can. Remember that even the LORD rested on the seventh day, and a balanced life is one worth pursuing.


*Side note on alcohol. Booze in quantity is a stress on the body.  I know, I know, it helps you “relax” or fall asleep but, a huge increase in consumption on vacation will leave your liver begging for a break and your brain sleep deprived.  That’s right alcohol in quantity can interfere with the quality of your sleep which can be counter productive to your desire to rest and recover while away from normal life.  Consume alcohol while on vacation like an adult not a six-year college frat boy.         

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