Results that speak for themselves

The Mission of Virtue Strength & Conditioning is to make a difference in the lives of our clients by improving their health, longevity, fitness, and performance. Whether its feeling better and losing weight, competing in a sport, or simply experiencing life without physical limitation, Virtue is here to guide you toward your goals.


Aimee’s Amazing Journey

Aimee F.JPG

At the end of 2017, I was feeling overweight and unhealthy. I had a very stressful year of working at a new and demanding job, while taking care of my elderly mother. I was consistently working out 2-3 days a week, but my body weight kept climbing. My weight reached 142 lbs. Since I’m 5’1”, that was not a healthy weight for me. I tried different diet and exercise plans in the past, but only achieved temporary success. I wanted something more permanent, something that I could use to pursue a lifetime of good health and wellness. I just had to get started and stop waiting to feel better, to feel healthy.

Overall, I lost 20 lbs and I gained so much knowledge, energy, and confidence that the weight loss was almost secondary. With my newfound confidence, I tried indoor climbing for the first time. I also had the courage to complete two sprint triathlons. I’m already planning and looking forward to new adventures in the future!  


Don’t wait for “the right time.” Life is unpredictable, and sometimes you just need to decide that “the right time” is now. I still have a stressful job. I still have a mother who needs care. Now, I am better equipped to help me through life. 

Phil’s Story

phil smith.jpg

It was an exciting 140,000 steps to Machu Picchu. Thanks Coach Luke Atchley and Coach Felix Burch for helping me reach the summit with ease. Training makes these adventures fun!


Cortney’s Story

After having my second child in March of 2017, I found myself discouraged and demoralized with my health and fitness. The ups and downs of nine months of pregnancy, combined with unexpectedly having to deliver via C-section had taken its toll. I decided to seek advice from my coach Luke Atchley. Luke helped me establish a home workout routine prior to my pregnancy which had really worked for me, so I trusted his knowledge and advice. Luke really listened to my needs, and was able to formulate a plan that worked for me and my busy schedule. Life as a mom of two and working full time is pretty hectic, and does not allow a lot of time for workouts or meal prepping. However, Luke helped me to establish a routine that I could easily do at home, and his nutrition coaching made meals super simple. His plan worked so well for me, that just 10 months after delivering my sweet baby girl I was able to check an item off my bucket list. I completed my first full marathon in January 2018 and felt great doing so! Words cannot express how grateful I am to Luke and his coaching program for helping me regain control of my health, and in doing so helping me become a better wife and mother!

Grace’s Story

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In late November, I aggravated a preexisting spinal condition I have exercising on my own. I could hardly move without excruciating pain for a long time. I went three months without even driving because I couldn’t sit down at all. My normal exercise regimen was out of the question. After an orthopedic diagnosis of torn and bulging/degenerative discs and a month of physical therapy, I went back to my gym, Virtue Strength & Conditioning. Coach Luke’s encouragement, knowledge, dedication to education, and love for his field made (and continue to make) a HUGE difference in my life. He did research on my condition, read a book about it with me, did physical tests at the gym based on my pain triggers, and crafted a unique program which has been helping me build the long-term strength I need to support my compromised spine and live the life I was made to live. I missed out on a lot of things I wanted to do these last six months because of pain, but with Coach Luke’s help, I’m back at my favorite thing— climbing mountains in Colorado— with little to no pain at all. I’m still climbing toward that ideal strength, but I know Virtue’s got my back. Quite literally!