The Virtue Fitness Foundations:

What Makes Virtue Different

1) Simplicity

The training at Virtue is simple. We provide everything you need and NOTHING you don’t. You don’t have to worry about the latest fitness trends that may or may not work, we have provide you with training that works day in and day out so that all you have to do is show up.

The training programs at Virtue Strength are methodically designed by an experienced coach that utilize simple tools for training that have stood the test of time.

Show up, get results. It’s that simple.

2) Balance

We ensure that you develop a balanced body and a balanced lifestyle. Training programs at Virtue ensure that your body is well rounded and that you do not have to spend a minute more in the gym than is necessary for you to accomplish your goals.

You do not have to spend every free second at the gym to get results. Strength is a virtuous pursuit and should add to the quality of your life outside of the gym, not take over your life. If you have three to five hours a week to invest in your health and fitness. We can change your life.

We help you build a body that is strong, resilient, and adaptable (aka balanced) because every training session contains an optimal balance of strength, cardiovascular conditioning, and mobility/flexibility training.

3) Consistency

Consistency is the foundation that results are built on. Accomplishing a goal requires consistent effort. Whether it is getting stronger, losing body-fat, or learning to juggle, you must be willing to work at it consistently (three to five hours a week remember).

We help you stay consistent and build good habits so that you can reach your desired goals as quickly as possible by providing your with two things. Expert coaching and an amazing community.

Our coaches provide quality instruction on exercise technique to ensure that you receive the maximum benefits from each training session without injuring yourself so that you can stay consistent with your training.

Iron sharpens iron, our community of strong humans makes showing up to the gym enjoyable and helps you stay consistent by keeping you accountable. In short, we want you to succeed and notice when you’re gone.