Services Offered at Virtue Strength and Conditioning Studio


Functional Strength

Injury prevention

Aerobic conditioning

Improved body composition(more muscle+Less fat!)


Semi-Private Training

Semi-Private Training is a hybrid of one on one personal training and team/group training. You still get all of the benefits of working one on one with a coach (assessment, individualized exercise prescription, nutrition coaching, accountability)at a fraction of the cost while also enjoying the camaraderie of training in a group setting . Semi-Private Training includes Virtue Nutrition Coaching.

  • 1:4 Coach to student ratio

  • Virtue Nutrition Coaching (included & recommended but not required)

  • Regular Assessment

  • limited spots

    Services begin at $320/mo


nutrition coaching

Build Muscle. Burn body-fat. take your conditioning to the next level.


Virtue Group Training

Group Training is the perfect blend of kettlebell and bodyweight training that promotes maximum fat-loss, improved overall strength, joint health, and general conditioning. Each class is built to provide you with the best workout possible while keeping you safe. Our friendly and professional coaching staff is here for support, accountability, and to foster an environment of learning. In short, our coaches actually coach, they don’t just herd you from station to station or tell you to go faster.

  • 1:12 coach to student ratio

  • unlimited classes

  • Instruction from Baton rouge’s only CERTIFIED kettlebell instructors

memberships begin at $150/mo